A female drow wearing battle armor and a tiara. Unfortunately Harold Saxon was not intelligent enough to ask her what her name was.


Harold Saxon met her while he was with the guards riding away from Griffendale. He thought he recognized her from somewhere but was unable to tell from where. He was also able to sense that she was emanating power. He decided to follow her and realized that no one except him could see her. She then saved his life from a giant explosion which killed the rest of the guards. After that she sent Harold Saxon to a cave and gave him a bag. She instructed him to put the contents of the bag on top of a crystal man and told him that he would meet an ally in the cave. In the cave Harold Saxon met Keyna the Lucky. Together they placed the head on the man and then the man formed into Hamilicar Tabrisol. They then left the cave to see that the woman was gone. However, she had seemingly left three horses for them along with supplies.


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