The Survivors

Too fast too furious

Hamilicar's Log: Entry 3,744,500

Auto-Recorded Mental Log: Entry 2,545,210
To be honest I don’t really recall what happened. One moment the two strangers I was traveling with were about to be slaughtered in the most embarrassing fashion, by having their central processing units forcibly removed from their power supply, and the next minute we were all free, and I had pushed our captors off the needlessly high podium.

Indeed life is strange.

Awards for the Day:
MVP: The Gender Confused Savior, Kita
Most Stylish: Myself for, well, getting rid of two guards before they knew what hit them
Most Ridiculous: Harold, for summoning more dogs than necessary.
Most Distressingly Embarrassing: Kenya Keyna, for pausing however briefly to consider unbinding himself herself by releasing the guillotine, without realizing the consequences of suddenly being forced to become left handed.



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